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utilities-terminalBashStyle-NG is a graphical tool and function chain that lets you do more with GNU Bash

BashStyle-NG consists of a graphical tool and a functionchain.

The graphical tool (bashstyle) is used to easily change a huge amount options
regarding Bash, Readline, VIm and Nano. The configuration is stored using ConfigOBJ.

The functionchain is used to realize the setup when starting a new Bash.
Besides a diversity of additional functions or wrappers is provided.

Another thing shipped is dirinfo (a simple, in-progress directory-indexing
mechanism for the shell), aswell as a first-run-wizard.

12 different prompt-styles are shipped, all of them can be modified using the
GUIs built-in custom-prompt-builder (CPB).

Every option and every function is described in the documentation.

Screenshots (click for larger size):

bs-ng-style bs-ng-nebula bs-ng-clock-advanced

License: GNU GPL v3

git file-roller deb


Overview of changes in v8.4 “Mind The Gap”

=== NOTES ===

  • BashStyle-NG uses ConfigObj for storing configuration. Since version 5.0.0 ConfigObj supports Python 3.2 and 3.3. If your distribution ships an older version of ConfigObj, use the –python=/path/to/python2 configure flag to ensure python2 is being used.

=== Bug fixes ===

  • #148 (alias): fix aliases #8 and #9 set from UI weren’t setup on Bash
  • #149 (count_files): -f/+f and -d/+d params were exchanged
  • #150 (debian):  make bashstyle-ng exlicitely depend on python-configobj
  • #151 (make):  fix generating pot file for bs-ng-wizard
  • #152 (configure): fix detection of python version if it’s an release-candidate
  • #153 (python3): full python3 support (ConfigObj only supports 3.2 and 3.3 officially)

=== New Features ===

  • direxpand: Bash >= 4.3 features a new shopt: direxpand. Enabling this causes Bash to expand directory names in completion like Bash 4.1 did.
  • globasciiranges: Bash >= 4.3 features a new shop: globasciirange. Enabling this causes Bash to use character ordering like in the C locale when globbing ranges.
  • show-mode-in-prompt: New readline option to show the current editing mode in the prompt

=== Misc. Changes ===

  • minor UI improvement (tabs on the left, smaller icons on tabs, text below icons on tab)
  • add “Report Bugs” button to the about dialog
  • updated and completed german translation
  • configure 4.2.3: add –bashrc option to pass a specific system wide bashrc (required for bashstyle-ng init)
  • bump supported python versions to 3.3 (only if you have ConfigObj 5)


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