Nanolx.org is the homepage of Christopher Bratusek.


  • Nürnberg, Germany


  • started using Debian GNU/Linux in 2004
  • started developing as a hobby in 2007
  • started (some) homebrew development for Wii in 2011
  • cooking up some Android stuff since 2014


  • Nanolx.org does not save any personal information about you, does not store any cookie or track you. Because I don’t give a fuck.
  • external links: Nanolx.org is not responsible for external content


  • according to german laws (Telemediengesetz) commercial websites need to provide a full Imprint, while private websites don’t. This page is neither, so feel free donating me a lawyer to tell me what I’m required to do.


  • contact me using any of the accounts (Twitter, GitLab, GitHub, XDA) linked on top of the menu bar
  • E-Mail: admin @ domain