NanoMod 7.1.20170501

NanoMod for LineageOS / AOSP lets you pseudo-debloat the ROM, install microG, FOSS apps, Zelda ringtones and sounds (for arm and arm64).


  • install NanoMod or NanoMod-microG Magisk-Module
    • actually NanoMod is an Overlay to /system which holds the apps
    • allows for a user-defined list of system apps to be made unavailable (let’s call this pseudo-debloat feature)
    • disabling the NanoMod module in Magisk will revert everything, as it’s not actually doing any changes to /system
    • boot process may take a bit longer as NanoMod is a pretty big Magisk Module
    • for more information on Magisk [External Link]
  • install microG [External Link]
    • with Mozilla location provider backend [External Link]
    • with Nominatim adress provider backend [External Link]
    • with microG GsfProxy [External Link]
    • with microG DroidGuard Helper [External Link]
    • choose between official Play Store [External Link]
    • microG GmsCore [External Link] and Play Store modified to allow (in-)app-purchases
    • support for Maps API version 1 optionally available (see Alter Installation)
    • both on-pc and on-device framework-patchers available (see Variants and Installation)
  • install F-Droid and many OpenSource applications
    • including the privileged extension, so you don’t need to enable ‚Unkown Sources‘ to use F-Droid
    • for more information on F-Droid visit [External Link]
  • install GNU Bash Shell [External Link]
  • install GNU Nano Shell Editor [External Link]
  • install The Legend of Zelda rintones and sounds [External Link]
    • it’s dangerous to root alone
  • init scripts
    • file system trim
    • log file cleanup
    • sqlite database trim

>> Complete Documentation and Download-Links

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