librep 0.92.3

applications-developmentThis is librep, a Lisp system for UNIX, needed by Sawfish window

It contains a Lisp interpreter, byte-code compiler and virtual machine. Applications may use the Lisp interpreter as an extension language, or it may be used for stand-alone scripts.

The Lisp dialect was originally inspired by Emacs Lisp, but with the worst features removed. It also borrows many ideas from Scheme.


  • More entities support for xml-reader (gt, umlauts, esszett)
  • Fix address of FSF in all files [Togan Muftouglu]
  • Assume stack-direction for all ppc and s390 variants [Kimb B. Heino]
  • Updated install-sh to version 2011-01-19.21
  • Added program-exists-p [Mark Triggs]

License: GNU GPL v2


git deb file-roller

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