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Sawfish Window Manager for X11

Sawfish is an extensible window manager using an Emacs Lisp-like scripting language–all window decorations are configurable, the basic idea is to have as much user-interface policy as possible controlled through the Lisp language.

Despite this extensibility its policy is currently very minimal compared to most window managers. Its aim is simply to manage windows in the most flexible and attractive manner possible. As such it does not implement desktop backgrounds, applications docks, or other things that may be achieved through separate applications.

All high-level wm functions are implemented in Lisp for future extensibility or redefinition. Currently this includes menus (using GTK+), interactive window moving and resizing, virtual desktop, iconification, focus/transient window policies, frame theme definitions and much more.

Also, most received events are exported to the Lisp environment through “key-bindings” and hooks, similar to in Emacs. These events include pointer behaviour and many internal X11 events (enter/leave, focus-in/focus-out, map/unmap, etc..)

License: GNU GPL v2


git deb file-roller



   * Bug Fixes

        - Fix possibly wrong 'input-focus' from 'enter-*' focus-modes in
          tabbed-windowing.  [fuchur]

        - Properly support tabbed-windowing when tiling is active
          aswell.  [fuchur]

        - Several fixes for the 'wallpaper' module regarding wrong
          values or non-existent files.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - When calling the 'stop' function from 'sawfish.wm.prg'
          fehlstart, trayer, pancake, xmobar and xsettingsd modules
          calling 'start' afterwards in the same session failed.  This
          is fixed now.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - When installing manpages the 'mandir' from configure is now
          honoured.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fix handling symbol-type defcustoms in sawfish-xgettext,
          preventing generation of new sawfish.pot.  [Christopher

        - Fixed that 'Open Home' was shown in the root menu even if
          'filemanager-program' was unset.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - In SawfishConfig 'x-terminal-emulator' was used to access the
          Sawfish info-file.  For better compat with
          non-Debian-distributions, use 'xterm' instead.  Note that the
          Sawfish variable 'xterm-program' is not accessible from
          SawfishConfig.  [Christopher Bratusek]

   * New Features

        - Session scripts with xdm (and compatible) integration.
          [fuchur] [Christopher Bratusek]

             x 'sawfish-mate-session'/'Sawfish/MATE' start Sawfish and
               then initialize MATE session.

             x 'sawfish-kde4-session'/'Sawfish/KDE4' start Sawfish and
               then initialize KDE4 session.  [note: it's still possible
               to select Sawfish from System Settings > Default
               Applications and starting KDE4 normally using Sawfish in
               favour of KWin]

             x 'sawfish-xfce-session'/'Sawfish/XFCE' start Sawfish and
               then initialize XFCE session.

             x 'sawfish-lumina-session'/'Sawfish/Lumina' start Sawfish
               and then initialize Lumina session.  Also add Lumina
               integration module.

             x Other desktop environments:

                  + GNOME2: set the GConf key
                    to 'sawfish' and start a new session.

                  + LXDE: in lxsession-default-apps replace 'openbox'
                    with 'sawfish'.

                  + Razor Qt: in the razor configuration center >
                    default applications enter 'sawfish' in the
                    corresponding field.

                  + Other: no other desktop environments are officially
                    supported as of now.

             x Note for Debian users: the official Sawfish Debian
               GNU/Linux packages for amd64/i386/armhf distributed at
      now have three more packages built
               from the Sawfish source:

                  + 'sawfish-kde4-session': install above mentioned KDE4
                    integration and (install if not already) kde-core
                    (metapackage for minimal KDE4 desktop)

                  + 'sawfish-mate-session': install above mentioned MATE
                    integration and (install if not already)
                    mate-desktop-environment-core (metapackage for
                    minimal MATE desktop)

                  + 'sawfish-xfce-session': install above mentioned XFCE
                    integration and (install if not already) xfce
                    (meta-package for XFCE desktop)

                  + 'sawfish-lumina-session': install above mentioned
                    Lumina integration and (install if not already)
                    lumina-desktop (meta-package for Lumina Desktop)

        - 'CTWM' like interactive window placement.  Previously pressing
          any button while interactively placing a window would place
          it.  'Sawfish' now mimics 'CTWM's behaviour: pressing button 1
          will just place the window, button 2 will allow dragging to
          resize the window and place it when the button releases,
          button 3 will place the window and attempt to fill it to the
          screen bottom.  [Maxime Soulé]

        - New EdgeActions for when moving windows.  [Christopher

             x 'kill' Kill a window when moved to the given edge

             x 'iconify' Iconify a window when moved to the given edge

             x 'move-window-viewport' Move window to the viewport in the
               direction of moving against the edge

             x 'move-window-workspace' Move window to the workspace in
               the direction of moving against the edge

        - Separate left/right and top/bottom edges in SawfishConfig,
          allowing for individual actions on each edge.  [Christopher

        - Add 'send-window-to-next-head' and
          'send-window-to-previous-head' functions for moving windows
          across heads.  [fuchur]

        - Add 'toggle-window-fixed-size' for toggling fixed-size on
          windows, also used in lock-button 'Button3-Off'.  [fuchur]

        - Add ability to move tabs around in the titlebar.  [fuchur]

        - Add 'run-application' by Sergey I. Sharybin, with several
          improvements and better integration into Sawfish.  Also add
          'Run Application' entry at the bottom of the root menu.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Add 'sawfish.wm.prg.nm-applet', simple auto-starter for the
          'Network Manager Applet'.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Add 'sawfish.wm.prg.diodon', simple auto-starter for the
          'Diodon Clipboard Manager'.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Add 'sawfish.wm.prg.conky', simple auto-starter for the 'Conky
          System Monitor'.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Add 'sawfish.wm.prg.idesk', simple auto-starter for the 'Idesk
          Desktop Icon Manager'.  [Christopher Bratusek]

   * Miscellaneous Changes

        - Majorly improve speed-up of StyleTab theme by locking the
          re-coloring of images until all configuration is loaded, so
          that re-coloring is only done once upon start.  [fuchur]

        - In 'sawfish.wm.prg.compton' delay compton start by 3 seconds
          to prevent heavy screen flickering.  [fuchur]

        - Improve 'cabinet' window-switcher.  Code-cleanup, bug fixes,
          blacklisting applications (mostly panels, pagers) and icon for
          missing window-icons.  [fuchur]

        - Enable 'shade-hover' and 'auto-raise' in SawfishConfig,
          utilize them in tabbed-windowing.  [fuchur]

        - Add 'marked-cursor-shape' defcustom (used when marking windows
          for tabbing).  [fuchur]

        - Improve icon size in StyleTab, add 'Flat' style.  Also improve
          speed and decrease memory usage by mirroring images [fuchur]

        - Use 'menulibre' instead of 'alacarte' in XFCE and MATE
          integration by default [fuchur]

        - Do not let 'xfce-session' save the session (by adding '-f'
          flag in XFCE integration) [fuchur]

        - Add 'Open Terminal' and 'Open Browser' to the root menu (if
          'xterm-program' or 'browser-program' are set) [Christopher

        - Rename 'toggle-fixed-position' to
          'toggle-window-fixed-position' to match naming spec.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Tweak default compton settings.  [fuchur]

        - Improve doc strings in many modules [fuchur]

        - Add 'html' target to man/Makefile, creating html-documentation
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Add 'make-changelog' script by Marcus D. Hanwell (generates
          ChangeLog from git log) [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Updated german translation.  [fuchur]

        - Updated RPM spec file.  [Kim B. Heino]

        - Updated Debian packaging scripts.  [Christopher Bratusek]


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