NanoDroid 18.2.20180916

NanoDroid for lets you pseudo-debloat the ROM, install microG, F-Droid, FOSS apps, GNU Bash, GNU Nano, Zelda ringtones and sounds.

NanoDroid can be installed as a Magisk Module or directly to /system, though a bit functionality is only available with Magisk. Versions until 15.1 were called NanoMod, starting with 16.0 the’re called NanoDroid.

More information about Magisk

NanoDroid XDA Support Thread


NanoDroid includes

  • microG and it’s companions
  • on-device framework-patcher for microG support (signature spoofing)
  • on-pc framework-patcher for microG support (signature spoofing)
    • both patchers create the /system/.nanomod-patcher file after patching
  • F-Droid and it’s privileged extension
  • modified Play Store to allow (in-)app-purchases with microG
    • this required two steps
      • microG Gms Core and Play Store need to be signed with the same key
      • Play Store needs to be modified see the patch
  • alternatively Yalp Store can be installed instead
  • custom init scripts
  • pseudo-debloat feature (Magisk-only)
    • disables applications systemless-ly
  • pre-configured default settings
  • several Open Source applications
    • include replacements for the pseudo-debloated applications
  • additional components
    • GNU Bash shell
    • GNU Nano terminal editor
    • various shell utilities
    • nanodroid-overlay script with various features>
  • The Legend of Zelda ringtones and sounds

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