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HiconomebrewFilter is a homebrew launcher for Wii and vWii

== About ==
The HomebrewFilter is an drop-in replacement for the Homebrew Channel – it allows Homebrew applications to be loaded and sorted, among other more outstanding opportunities.

Compared to the Homebrew Channel, the HomebrewFilter features the following additional functionality (Wii version has several more):

  • load Homebrew from SD, USB or both
  • load Homebrew from FAT, NTFS or EXT2/3/4 formatted devices
  • categorize Homebrew (without the need to change directories)
  • download additional content directly from within The HomebrewFilter (Fonts, Themes, Languages)
  • on-the-fly updates via network connectivity
  • child-lock mode
  • screen adjustment options
  • edit meta.xml from within the HomebrewFilter
  • debugging WiFi and SD-Card (SD//config/HBF/debug.txt)

=== Installation ===
Run the Installer from any Loader (HBC, whatever). Requirements: HW_AHBPROT access or IOS236.

For the standalone Version install the Forwarder using a WAD Manager and place the app-folder in SD/USB:/apps/

=== Flavours ===
Starting with rev42 the HBF comes in 4 flavours:

  • Wii Installer: installs the fullchannel for Wii (Path: /apps/HomebrewFilter/)
  • Wii Standalone: standalone boot.dol with forwarderchannel for Wii (Path: /apps/HomebrewFilter.Standalone/)
  • vWii Installer: installs fullchannel for vWii (Path: /apps/HomebrewFilter.vWii/)
  • vWii Standalone: standalone boot.dol with forwarderchannel for vWii (Path: /apps/HomebrewFilter.vWii.Standalone/)

All versions are updatable via online-update. Don’t change paths – will result in non-working updates/forwarders.

Don’t install vWii version on Wii and vice versa (channels won’t load else).

Detailed information in German can be found in the Wiiki.

=== ChangeLog ===

- build against libruntimeiospatch 1.5.3
- rename "SD Gecko" to "SD Card Debug Log" in Settings
- rename "Wifi Gecko" to "Wifi Debug Log" in Settings
- only scan list of available IOS once per session
- disable 'SD Card Gecko' by default (debug log on SD Card),
  because it's causing a MASSIVE slow down when opening an
  app's details dialog the first time in a session, when
  using a shitty class 2 or whatever SD Card
- fixed that newly build vWii forwarder accidently was the
  same than the Wii forwarder
- fixup BootMii (IOS) detection on Wii
- fixup showing device icon for apps
- add ISO0 (any version) to list of known stub IOS
  (it's a custom IOS installed by several old apps)
- update german translation

=== Downloads ===

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7 Gedanken zu “HomebrewFilter rev47

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  • alzen

    I prefer it over the HBC :), but I guess it’s no longer updated judging be the release date of rev.44.

    Still, I would like to know how does the Child Lock works? I installed it because of that feature, I set up the child lock code but do not know what to do next. Would be great if I can enter the code and select which applications are hidden/unavailable to run without entering the code(should be possible to select if HBF should hide these applications or just ask for the password and add padlock icon to the application entry). Hope that’s how it’s supposed to work.

    Waiting for some information about how does the child lock option work.

  • Bruce

    This is what I consider to be one of the „hidden gems“ of the Wii/vWii homebrew world. I have been brewing on the Wii (and now on the vWii) for a very long time and only just found this while searching for a more reliable homebrew launcher. HBC on the vWii is VERY buggy (causing black screens and having to pull the plug often) and I was looking for a stable alternative. This is rock solid. It never fails, never black screens…it just works. Not only that, but it is extremely fast and chock full of intelligent options. A real joy to use. The only issue I have found is that some homebrew has issues launching. Wiimednafen is one. When launching it, it complains that the SD card cannout be mounted and locks up. Other homebrew works fine so I am not sure if this is a Mednafen or HBF issue….but Mednafen works fine when launched from USBLoaderGX’s homebrew launcher as well as the HBC. I would appreciate if the HBF devs can at least look at this and see what the issue is. Other than that…really great. I hope updates continue!

  • wiiUboy

    What is the titel id of homebrewFilter. I need it to replace the hbl2hbc entry (LULZ=Homebrew Channel).