Qwad 0.9

wadQwad is a Python-Qt utility to manage Wad files, written for GNU/Linux, but also working on Windows.

It’s got the following features:

  • NUS Downloader
    • download any IOS / Channel from NUS
    • decrypt
    • pack as wad
    • choose filename
    • choose version to download (available are displayed)
  • Unpack Wad
    • unpack wad to make modification or inspect content
  • Repack Wad
    • repack (modified) wad, ready for install on Wii
  • TMD Viewer
    • view contents of TMD

current TODO-List:

  • NUS Downloader
    • add new IOS [DONE]
    • add new Channels [DONE]
    • display available Versions [DONE]
    • improve Channel downloader [DONE]
    • display descriptions [  ]
  • General GUI
    • German Translation [DONE]
    • UI improvments [WIP]
  • General CLI
    • commandline params for automated actions [  ]
  • Other
    • extract bootmii nand.bin [  ]

For more informations like command-line parameters and such, refer to the included CLI and CLI.Channels files.

German users can find detailed information in the Wiiki.

License: GNU GPL v3

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