libruntimeiospatch 1.5.3

applications-developmentlibruntimeiospatch: Wii/vWii homebrew development library

A library providing necessary functions for patching IOS at runtime using HW_AHBPROT.

More Information can be found in the file API and the sources.



  • changed layout of debug text to ensure it’s always visible
  • added colors to debug text
    • cyan: headings
    • green: patch succeeded
    • red: patch failed


  • added SSL module patches made by FIX94 to fix some certificate errors that occur when attempting to connect to a host using a secure connection (DarkMatterCore)


  •  code clean-up (JoostinOnline)
  •  add typedef for s32 (JoostinOnline)
  •  misc minor changes (JoostinOnline)


  • add ISFS_SetAttr() patches. (megazig) (Forces the ISFS_SetAttr() function to continue instead of returning -102 when you’re trying to change the UID/GID of a file )


License: GNU GPL v2


git deb file-roller

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